Chat Soon

If you're interested in connecting, I welcome you to reach out via email or connect via LinkedIn.

Email is my preferred method of contact as it's often the fastest way I'll not only see your message but also be able to respond.

If you have a tip, suggestion, the new book I have to read, a podcast I have to listen to, YouTube video to watch, want to chat about the weather, need a friend, or new article blog to review I'd love to see/hear/watch it. Maybe it'll end up in the awesomeness section 😉 Send it over to me via email and I'll be sure to let you know I got it!

Just don't send me spam... I don't like that.

Working Together

If you're interested in working with me, check out the various ways I typically work with other businesses and influencers.

I understand that not all businesses are the same, therefore not everyone will fit into the packages that I have put together. After reviewing my packages, if you still feel that these packages will not work for your business model and want to chat further, please email me and let me know. I'm happy to review your business's needs and help customize one of my packages for your unique situation.

My marketing and design agency, Stoute Web Solutions, can build you a custom fixed price website to fit your business's specific needs.