Paul Stoute

About Me.

I've been building websites since I was 10. I remember building my first website which was pirate themed (I really liked pirates and ships back then)... it was terrible, but I learned a lot and fell in love with being able to create something from nothing using only my imagination, a few lines of code and seeing the results almost instantly. Back then websites were much simplerĀ and were built using pure HTML and CSS. We were connected to the internet by way of a dial-up modem and had to use a landline to literally "call up" the internet.

A lot has changed since then.

Husband, Father, Explorer, Volunteer, aka "The Web Guy"

I've held many positions throughout the years, finally landing on owning my own business, a digital marketing and design agency in Portland, Oregon but my absolute favorite job I've had is being a father and husband.

My family time is extremely important and they push me to be a better person. Without them, I'd truly be lost.

I love to explore, camp, and volunteer at local non-profits. I'm slowly getting into a new thing called overlanding. It's basically vehicle-based camping where your vehicle is your kitchen, sleeping area, and expedition transportation. ...maybe call it extreme RVing?

I'm the founder of Stoute Web Solutions, a digital marketing and design agency, established in 2013. I got my start in sales and consulting while in high school helping fellow classmates determine what car stereo to put in their car. It was then that I realized that I loved to help people achieveĀ their goals, no matter how small they may seem.

Since then I've managed stores, and districts for companies as well as manned the customer service phone line to ensure customer satisfaction and provided tech support.

With all of this experience, I am able to visualize areas of opportunity that both new and established businesses are able to implement easily and use to grow their business.

I love to learn new things, especially things related to science and technology. PS. My Daughter is in love with space and wants to be a space scientist (not an astronaut because she doesn't want to actually go to space, lol).

I really enjoy the strategy and execution of a marketing plan and seeing the plan come together (cue an A-Team reference). Above that, I am addicted to being challenged to think outside the norm and help businesses and new friends succeed.

I help businesses succeed online. I work with my clients like we're family, consulting, guiding & training them or their team, often getting in the digital trenches of their business and ensure their success and growth tackling website design, social media marketing, and search engine optimization to name a few.